Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dennis Sheperd & Alan Morris feat. Sue McLaren - I Die

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Sue Mclaren
Lyrics to I Die

One time is enough 
Many people would give up 
Not me, I am stuck 
Frozen by this love 

If you leave me once and you leave me twice 
i'm sure you'll go again 
Yet you cast a spell each time and i forget 

But I'm never gonna let it show 
Never gonna let you know how i die 

And I make you think that i am strong 
Without you I will get along 
When inside I die. 

Mask on, I am fine 
I keep my cover to the outside 
All the feelings that I hide 
Are left unspoken while you're mine 

If you fool me once and you fool me twice 
Then i'm your fool again 
Cos i stumble at the mention of your name

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