Saturday, October 29, 2011

Karanda feat. Radmila - Coming Closer (Radio Edit)

Out exclusively on Beatport October 31st!
Out on all portals November 14th!
Lyrics to Coming Closer

I’ve waited for so long
And now it’s time
To break all the shackles and
Start breathing

No longer want to be locked
And face confines
I’ve started a game
I want to be in

So I’m in dream, dream, dream

It’s like reflection that dazzles my eyes
Like million kisses of wind
It makes me shiver and shake

It’s like I’m wrapped in embrace of stars
It’s only your voice that keeps me awake

In the end of night I still see you
In the end of night I still feel you
Coming closer, coming closer

Join me here, come on
Share my dream, come on

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