Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Steve Kaetzel featuring Emma Lock - I Loved You

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Lyrics to I Love You

I loved you

A connection so magnetic
Every time we touched it was electric
A dream we both dreamt
Feeling I can’t defend
I was lost in you enchanted
Couldn’t get enough I was addicted

You were devious
Hit the spot like lighting
You drove me crazy
But our love moved the highest mountains
I pushed the limits
We were both deep in it
You knew me
I knew you
Who would of known
I mean who would of known

We were together apart
We were two sides of the same heart
You were my pleasure
I caught your fever
Cannot forget it its unforgettable
Your so strong invincible
I already know I mean I already know
I loved you
How could you hurt me ?
I loved you

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