Thursday, June 6, 2013

Richard Durand & Neev Kennedy - Running On Empty (Club Mix) (Steve Nyman Remix)

Forthcoming single from Richard Durand's upcoming "In Search of Sunrise 2013 / 11: Las Vegas compilation (on Black Hole Recordings) this is his new single together with Neev Kennedy
P&C 2013 Adrian Raz Recordings
Lyrics to Running On Empty

A classic rainy morning
Taking over London
As I walk away
I turn away
I'm leaving

Goodbye is full
Yet it finds me empty
A city turned to cold
Turned to none

Who would I be
If everything I own is
Stolen in front of my very own eyes
And how can I not over analyze
When so much was taken by the storm

Running on empty
Fuelled by sadness
Of all we could've been
And should've been
In this madness
& If I can't believe u
I should leave u
Can't you see that I'm
Running on empty

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