Friday, March 1, 2013

TOKiMONSTA feat. MNDR - Go With It

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Lyrics to Go With It

Follow my lead 'cause I've been here before
With closest family and I won't screw you wrong
you blame it on yourself,
and I know how you want it
and when it doesn't go your way
you got to follow follow.

Follow me me me me
'cause I've been here before
We're just like family
and I won't screw you wrong.
Screw you wrong
No I will never, never, never never, never
No I will never never never.

2 x Chorus:
Eh oh, let it go
see the big big truck..explode
like it like bomb
let it a bone,
just go, go with it.

Lego lego

Just go ahead.
Lego lego
Just go with it.

Just let it go.

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