Friday, February 15, 2013

Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz Dancing Sea (The Madison Remix) (Ayda Remix) (Philippe El Sisi Remix)

Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz Dancing Sea (Ayda Remix)
Written by Ana Criado, Adrian Broekhuyse, Raz Nitzan
Remixed by Ayda
Additional version incl. The Madison and Philippe El Sisi
P&C Adrian Raz Recordings
As featured on ASOT 2013
Lyrics to Dancing Sea

While my fingers touch the sand
The silver sun is born (like never before)
Blue night makes way for red light beams across the sky
Lighthouse calls me

Dancing sea
Are you ever weak?
I let our blue eyes meet
Like water colours

My golden dreams
I follow on the sea
Wind make us breathe
Breathe like lovers

Morning dew drops, growing light
Say goodbye to the sleepy night
Changing winds will blow away the clouds of yesterday

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