Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dark Matters feat. Ana Criado - The Quest Of A Dream (Dabruck & Klein Remix)

ITunes : http://bit.ly/QuestOfADream
Beatport : http://bit.ly/DarkMattersQuest
Lyrics to The Quest Of A Dream

Drowned in the sand
My head is just above the water
Why am I still under your spell

Melt like a day
Drifting to twilight
I feel the shadows fall
Since you walked a way each day is dark

Play with my hunger
Play with my heart
You are the part
I do not trust at night
The quest of a dream

Play with my senses
Play with my soul
Out of control
Deep as the endless fall
The quest of a dream

Do you know what I mean

In hot days land
Loss is no simple reason
No sun screen, keeps memories out

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